Charitable Fund Options

The Findlay-Hancock County Community Foundation offers a number of ways to help you make a difference through charitable giving.

Any of these funds can be established in your name, the name of your family, your organization, or anyone you wish to honor. Grants distributed from the fund you establish are awarded to charities in the name of that fund. It’s a great way to always be involved with, and remembered for, your community investment. To see our current funds, click here.

See the Comparison of Endowed Fund Options Chart below which includes minimum endowment levels.

Seed fund leaf icon

Seed Funds allow you to start a fund and gradually build to full endowment. Your Seed Fund will grow into an endowment that will let you support the charities or causes you choose and will forever have an impact on the quality of life in your community. The Seed Fund program can be used to establish any type of endowment fund.