Grant Reporting

During and after your organization’s grant period, we want to hear from you. These reports ensure everyone is on the same page and on track, as well as help us do better next time.

We appreciate honest, thoughtful observations as far as project and experience. These are for Foundation use only.

Download/save these Microsoft Word forms to your computer. To download a form click on the link and then choose “Save”.


Hancock Education Fund


Stitt Early Literacy

Handbags That Help

Reporting Tips


  • Check your grant award letter for the due dates of reports
  • The Foundation may withhold grant payment due to late or incomplete reports (see Section 3 of the Terms and Conditions of Grant)


  • Include expenditures and balance not expended through the reporting period
  • Use parentheses to indicate budget deficits in the balance column
  • Financial reports should be signed by the grantee’s CFO or CEO
  • Unexpended or unencumbered funds should be returned to the Foundation unless written authorization from the Foundation is given to extend the award


  • Use the same forms for interim and final reports
  • Please limit reports to five pages or less
  • Final reports should cover the entire grant period