Heart & Soul

The Community Foundation is pleased to partner with Community Heart & Soul to bring the process to Hancock County.

Community Heart & Soul is an approach to community development and planning created by the Orton Family Foundation that increases participation in local decision-making and invites residents to shape the future of their communities based on what matters most to them.

Round 3 - Coming in 2022!

The Findlay-Hancock County Community Foundation will announce the third Hancock County Heart & Soul community this summer!

Stay tuned for more.

Mt. Blanchard Heart & Soul

The Village of Mt. Blanchard was The Community Foundation's second Heart & Soul Community.

Mt. Blanchard was awarded a $182,000 grant in 2016 to implement the Heart & Soul process. In two years, the community united around the project and created an action plan that will guide the village's decisions for years to come.

McComb Region Heart & Soul

Through a $136,000 grant, our first Heart & Soul town was announced in 2015 as the Village of McComb. The Foundation continues to work with the McComb team to update the community plan and ensure the Heart & Soul principles are a part of McComb's future.