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Women gather. Women give. Women change.

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Hosted by The Community Foundation, Handbags That Help is a women’s giving circle dedicated to building strong families and increasing philanthropy in Hancock County. HTH collectively funds significant grants to charitable projects and programs in our community. Interested? Download our membership application and brochure.

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We are accepting members for the 2020-2021 year. Click here to join with a credit credit or download the membership application to pay by check.

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How We Give

  • Members contribute $500 for an annual membership either individually or as a team of two to five.
  • The money is pooled together to give a total amount to grant.
  • A grants committee is formed and evaluates worthy projects, which they then submit to the membership for a vote.
  • HTH does not limit its grant making to women’s causes, but looks for:
    • Responses to urgent and critical need
    • Bold new ventures
    • New approaches to problems
  • Every dollar collected through membership contributions is granted every year.

Total Granted Since 2008: $541,595

Giving Wisely

HTH is committed to providing its members with the skills and knowledge needed to make wise social investments. To this end, HTH organizes educational programs covering a variety of topics related to philanthropy.

HTH educates, inspires, and increases the number of women committed to philanthropy in order to strengthen community and demonstrate the impact that can result from informed, focused grant making.

Giving With Guidance

The Guiding Circle is the executive committee which governs HTH. It consists of eight members:

  • Chair: Alanna Langlois
  • Vice Chair:
  • Treasurer: Julia Walsh-Zitkovic
  • Secretary: Julia Miller
  • Communications Chair: Lisa Vick
  • Member At-Large: Marla Frederick
  • Grants Sub-Circle Chair: Niki Matheny
  • Program Sub-Circle Chair: Heather Roberts
  • Community Foundation Support Staff: Tasha Dimling

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