More Than $870,000 Awarded in Grants

March 05, 2021

The Findlay-Hancock County Community Foundation Board of Trustees approved grants totaling $873,577 at the February board meeting. This total includes four responsive grants, two president’s discretionary grants and 132 donor advised fund grants.

Responsive Grants

Responsive grants are awarded to nonprofit organizations that seek to meet community needs and match the goals, objectives and priorities of The Community Foundation. Grantseekers must submit a written grant proposal for consideration. Applications are reviewed four times per year.

Funding for responsive grants comes from our Community’s Endowment, made up of Funds for the Common Good and Field of Interest Funds established by donors at The Community Foundation. The following responsive grants were approved by the Board of Trustees, made possible by our Community’s Endowment:

  • Habitat for Humanity was awarded $85,000 to assist with hiring a full-time Critical Repair Manager.
  • Hancock Public Health was awarded $150,000 to support the launch of its Mobile Health Clinic.
  • The Community Foundation was awarded two grants to support nonprofits in 2021. These dollars are directly invested back into the community through Foundation programs:
    • $66,250 to continue the Advocacy Initiative to help nonprofits secure federal, state and local funding and to create an advocacy cohort of local organizations for 2021.
    • $2,500 to the Center for Effective Philanthropy to conduct a third rapid response survey of local grantees to better understand local needs and nonprofit status during the pandemic.

President’s Discretionary Grants

Discretionary grants fund urgent or special requests that are outside of The Community Foundation’s various grant cycles. The President of The Community Foundation is allocated an amount each year. These grants typically do not individually exceed $5,000. The following discretionary grants were awarded:

  • Findlay Hope House was awarded $1,323 to assist the Eviction Prevention Taskforce with the Housing Help Line app on the Hancock Helps website and provide structure for a critical rental assistance program to stabilize housing for local residents during the coronavirus pandemic.
  • Hancock Leadership was awarded $1,000 for the 2021 class project.

Donor Advised Grants

132 grants to 73 organizations totaling $567,504. For a list of the donor advised grants and amounts, please contact the Foundation.