Gratitude for 30 Years

Brian Treece photo
Brian Treece - President & CEO of The Community Foundation

Last week was Community Foundation Week. While Hallmark hasn’t designed any cards to commemorate the week (yet), we use the week to share what makes The Findlay-Hancock County Community Foundation special. It’s also a time for us to reflect on all who have helped our Foundation in our first 30 years. We’ve accomplished so much in 30 years: $75 million in grants, countless lives changed, and a permanent, growing source of support in creating a lasting community impact.

As President & CEO of The Community Foundation, it’s my duty to remind the community that we don’t exist in a philanthropic vacuum, and we couldn’t do this work alone.

To all of those who joined our founding donor L. Dale Dorney: thank you. You invested in the idea that together we can improve the quality of life for all in the community. One fund has grown to over 515 funds, one donor multiplied to over 6,500. We are grateful for each of you.

We work in a community of trusted professional advisors who give counsel to individuals and families looking to make a positive difference for causes that matter most to them, now and forever. We are blessed to walk alongside you and your clients to carry out their wishes. Each of you has our deepest gratitude for putting your trust in us to work with your clients.

There are dozens of nonprofit organizations in our community with whom we partner. You all do critical work to help our friends, family and neighbors throughout Hancock County. We’re fortunate to have relationships with you and support your work.

Thank you to the volunteers, including board and committee members. The amazing leaders through the years who have given of their time and expertise to form and grow our foundation inspires me every day. We’ve been lucky to have over 2,000 volunteers in 30 years, and that number grows each year.

Last but not least - our team. I am so proud of our team and all they do to help improve the quality of life for all in Hancock County. To be a part of such an incredible group of professionals motivates me.

We have so much to be thankful for this season and throughout the year. The generous residents in our community don’t just give their treasure, they also give of their time and talent. We’re proud to be part of Hancock County and our very best days are ahead of us. While we’ve accomplished a lot in 30 years, we’re just getting started. Together we can do even more to create a lasting community impact.

If you’d like to learn more about how you can be part of improving the quality of life for all in the community, visit the Impact section of our website.

This editorial was originally printed in The Courier Saturday, November 19, 2022.