Dale Dorney: Architect for the Common Good

How one man’s devotion changed our community. Forever.

Dale Dorney October 1958

In 1976, Findlay resident L. Dale Dorney left the Cleveland Foundation a $5 million bequest dedicated to two interests: strengthening collegiate business operation in Ohio and improving the quality of life in Findlay and Hancock County. He hoped that the Findlay portion of this gift might one day form the nucleus of a community foundation.

His dream came to fruition in 1992 when the Findlay-Hancock County Community Foundation was established as a supporting organization of the Cleveland Foundation. From 1992 to February 1999, the Community Foundation operated under the mentorship of the Cleveland Foundation. On February 28, 1999, the Findlay-Hancock County Community Foundation became an independent entity and the portion of the Dorney Fund assets designated for Hancock County were returned to Hancock County.

What started as one man's generous gift to his community, has been built upon and expanded by residents of Hancock County. Over the years, the Dorney Fund assets were joined with gifts from other donors. The Community Foundation has grown through gifts of all sizes from many people. Our smallest gift was one dollar, the largest was over $25 million. Both gifts will support an improved quality of life in our community today and for generations to come.