Gifts of Grain Plant Seeds Forever

Gary Wilson photo
Gary Wilson — Professor Emeritus The Ohio State University
John Livingston
John Livingston — Vice Chair, Retired Business & Ethics Professional from Marathon Petroleum Corporation

By John Livingston and Gary Wilson
Community Foundation Board Members

Harvest time is upon us or will be soon. While this year is a bit delayed, you’ll soon see farmers harvesting their fields. We expect a strong harvest this year, which is good for not only our agricultural community but for all those who depend on crops for food. Farmers produce a crop that benefits the world. And those crops can also plant seeds for good in our community.

The Findlay-Hancock County Community Foundation is starting a Gifts of Grain program. Through the Gifts of Grain program, you can give as many bushels of your commodity (corn, wheat, soybeans, etc.) to the Foundation as you’d like to an existing fund or use it to start a new fund.

The Foundation manages more than 500 funds for many local causes and organizations, any of which you can support with your Gift of Grain. Here are a few of our favorites that might interest those in the ag community:

If none of the above speak to your charitable interests, you can start your own fund for a cause, passion or nonprofit you want to support forever. A gift of grain can help make that a reality.

In addition to doing good in the community, your gift can have tax benefits. A Gift of Grain can reduce your taxable income and save you money on your harvest. The Community Foundation staff and your tax advisor can help you talk through the best option for your accounting situation.

Join us in giving grain by calling the Foundation at (419) 425-1100 or click here to learn more about Gifts of Grain and how you can support or create a fund for a cause you believe in.

Even after your harvest, your grain will grow and help the community for generations!

This editorial was originally printed in The Courier Tuesday, October 3, 2023.