Q: What is a giving circle?

A: The “giving circle” concept is as simple as it is powerful. A giving circle is formed when individuals come together and pool their dollars, decide together where to give the money, and learn together about their community and philanthropy. The concept behind giving circles is that pooled giving has a greater impact in a community. Here are our bylaws (PDF).

Q: Who can join HTH?

A: All women are invited to participate in the HTH Giving Circle and become informed strategic philanthropists. A contribution of $500 entitles you to one year of membership and a single vote as to how the money will be granted back to the community. The annual membership drive takes place April – July of each year.

To pay by credit card, click here.

To pay by cash our check, download the Membership Application below and send with payment to The Community Foundation.

Q: What if I cannot afford the $500 annual membership fee?

A: As an alternative to the $500 Individual Voting Membership, women can join together to “share” a Joint Membership. With a Joint Membership, 2-5 women split a membership and share a single vote. Joint Members are all welcome to serve on the Grants, Communications and Program committees.

Q: Will members be required to participate in fundraising activities?

A: Members will not be asked to do any fundraising. The only thing required of a member is a $500 annual contribution. That donation gives you a single vote as to how the pooled funds will be awarded that year.

Q: How much of my donation goes towards administrative expenses?

A: Absolutely no money from your $500 membership donation will be used for administrative costs. Administrative expenses are covered by interest earned on the collective fund and donations to the “Friends of HTH” fund at The Community Foundation. There will be a $25 fee per individual to cover meeting and administrative expenses (the need and amount of this fee will be evaluated each year).

Q: Can I give more than $500?

A: Absolutely! Each woman is limited to single vote. However, additional funds may be used several ways:

  1. FRIENDS OF HTH: Funds may be used towards the administration of HTH for expenses like postage, meetings, speakers etc. These donations, over and above the amount of the membership, will be considered “Friends of HTH” donations.
  2. “GIFT” A MEMBERSHIP: Depending on the amount of your gift, you may want to consider “gifting” a membership to a family member or friend. You would receive the tax-deduction and your family member/friend will receive the membership rights.
  3. INCREASE THE GRANT AMOUNT: Funds may be added to the total grant amount.

Q: How much time is involved in being a member of HTH?

A: That is entirely up to you. Your involvement can range from as little as sending your annual donation and casting your vote….to serving as an officer or a committee member. Meetings are held four times per year – March, April, September and December. Education opportunities are also scheduled throughout the year. For those who wish to be more involved, HTH members can serve on various committees such as Guiding Circle, Grants, Communication and Program Committees.

Q: What if I’m not able to attend the March voting meeting?

A: There are four meetings per year, with voting taking place at the March Meeting. If you are not able to attend the meeting, especially for our “snow birds” who winter in Florida, your ballot will be mailed to you immediately following the March meeting.

Q: How can I get more information about HTH?

A: You may contact The Community Foundation at (419) 425-1100. You may also view our membership brochure and application.