Grace Education Fund Established

August 02, 2018

Dr  A  Kasra And Mrs  Judith Ann Amirjahed

The Community Foundation is pleased to announce the establishment of the Grace Education Fund. This scholarship fund will benefit students who demonstrate Christian faith-based values and possess basic knowledge of the U.S. Constitution.

The Grace Education Fund Scholarship was established by Dr. A. Kasra and Mrs. Judith Ann Amirjahed. Dr. and Mrs. Amirjahed received their educations via scholarships, family support and diligent study, and state that, “Through it all, the Grace of our God Has Been Supreme.” The Grace Education Fund Scholarships are a humble expression of their gratitude for our Creator’s Grace. According to the Grace Education Fund mission statement, our forefathers established our constitutional republic, distinct from a simple majority democracy, and handed the Constitution of the United States under God with liberty and justice for all to their heirs. Recipients of these scholarships should value this inheritance and be willing to dedicate themselves to learning these principles from their founding fathers and sharing them with others.

A scholarship is an investment in your community’s future. The Findlay-Hancock County Community Foundation provides the expertise in administering the application process and awards scholarships to deserving students. For additional information about The Community Foundation, call (419) 425-1100. Contributions to the fund can be made online.