Braden Kramer Foundation Fund Announced

November 28, 2016

Following 4-year-old Braden’s cancer diagnosis, the Kramer Family established the Braden Kramer Foundation donor advised fund to give back to the community in his honor.

In September 2015, Braden was diagnosed with Leukemia T-ALL. As his family and friends wrapped their minds around their new normal, it became evident that everyone is affected by cancer in some way.

To honor Braden and his brave journey, the family established the Braden Kramer Foundation donor advised fund. This fund will support programs and services for children diagnosed with childhood cancer and their families. Give online here.

Donor advised funds are convenient, flexible tools for individuals, families, businesses, or groups that want to be personally involved in suggesting grant awards made possible by their gifts. If you have a range of community interests, you may find a donor advised fund an ideal vehicle for fulfilling your charitable wishes. For additional information about The Community Foundation, visit or call (419) 425-1100.