Time for teamwork

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Brian Treece - President & CEO of The Community Foundation

You may have heard that it’s basketball season. I might not be filling out a bracket this week, but that doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate the atmosphere and excitement of March Madness. The Community Foundation gets to spend some time in the world of basketball a few times a year and see the action first-hand.

In 2014, Bill Frack made a monumental gift to support the men’s basketball team at BGSU through The Community Foundation. It was the largest gift ever made to a men’s basketball program nationwide. Each year since we’ve gathered in BG for the Bill Frack Challenge Game to recognize Bill and what his gift does for the program and the student-athletes who participate.

When watching the team compete a few weeks ago, I noticed the athletes, coaches, band, cheer and dance teams, and many others, working together for a common purpose – to win the game. In the spirit of March Madness, I’ve been thinking about how teamwork is integral to our work at The Community Foundation, and as part of the larger Hancock County community.

We see it in many ways: young people working together to put on the latest Youtheatre show, Arlingtonians working to put on a Heart & Soul event, skaters and volunteers coming together for the Gliding Stars show, the agencies at The Family Center providing wraparound services to a client in need, the list goes on. There’s one thing each of these experiences has in common – they are a team working for a common purpose.

Teamwork is one of the core tenants of what we do at The Findlay-Hancock County Community Foundation. Every day, we work as part of teams to accomplish our mission to improve the quality of life for all in the community. We partner with nonprofit agencies and coalitions to address some of our community’s most pressing challenges. We partner with donors, their trusted professional advisors, and families to leave a legacy.

One of the ways many donors choose to implement that legacy is through scholarship funds. The Foundation administers hundreds of scholarships, including several for student-athletes, even basketball players! The scholarship program requires a ton of team effort, from school administrators to reviewers. This year we’ll award around $420,000 because of the effort all these players put in.

Do you need the Foundation on your team as the charitable player? We can meet with you and your advisors to figure out a game plan and share all the options you have. You can give to an existing fund, start a new fund, make a planned gift, or join the Acorn Fund to start small while potentially working toward a fund. We can work with your team to identify options and let you call the shots.

Visit our website at community-foundation.com, give us a call, or stop by our office to explore how the Foundation can help you make your charitable goals a reality.

This editorial was originally printed in The Courier Friday, March 17, 2023.

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