The Family Center Celebrates 15 Years

Brian Treece photo
Brian Treece - President & CEO of The Community Foundation

All of us face different needs and challenges at different points in our lives, myself included. You might find yourself without insurance and in need of a dental exam. You might need a safe place for legal service. You might need several services, but not have reliable transportation to get there. In 2002, leaders of The Findlay-Hancock County Community Foundation dreamed of creating a nonprofit campus to fulfill these needs for Hancock County. In 2006, that dream became a reality when The Family Center’s doors opened at 1800 North Blanchard Street, the site of the former Food Town grocery store.

When I think about our work at The Community Foundation and the projects that make the biggest impact, The Family Center immediately comes to mind. Home to 12 nonprofit organizations meeting a variety of needs in one convenient location helps lessen the transportation burden and makes receiving services easier. The Family Center is celebrating 15 years of operation this year and we hope you can join in the celebration.

Since opening, 10 of the original agencies are still located at The Family Center, with expansions and remodeling happening regularly to meet the ever-evolving needs of tenants through the years. A generator was added to support the building during community disasters and The Family Center is part of the Multi-Agency Recovery Center (MARC) system. Over the years we’ve upgraded security and camera systems to help keep all visitors safe, as well as added technology to the meeting rooms which are available to all nonprofits in Hancock County.

The Family Center mission is to provide a shared, safe facility that promotes collaboration among nonprofit agencies. With the support of our donors, the Foundation has invested nearly $6 million in The Family Center over the years. This investment enables us to charge reasonable rent to the tenants which in turn enables them to focus on fulfilling their mission and serving our community.

One of our favorite examples of the collaboration that happens at The Family Center involved an individual who visited Cancer Patient Services with a recent cancer diagnosis. They were unable to continue treatment until a dental issue was addressed. Cancer Patient Services walked them down the hall and arranged for an appointment with the Dental Center of Northwest Ohio. Walking the other direction, Christian Clearing House and Associated Charities helped the individual cover the cost of the procedure. In one visit, the needs were addressed, and the individual was on the road to being able to receive treatment again.

This type of collaboration happens daily and part of the magic of The Family Center is the commitment from all tenant agencies to work together to meet the needs of those in Hancock County. We are so thankful for the community leaders, donors, partners and tenants who have made The Family Center a reality for the past 15 years.

We need your support to ensure The Family Center continues to be a safe and efficient workplace for the community’s nonprofit agencies to fulfill their missions now and forever. To make a gift to the Family Center Forever Fund, click here.

This editorial was originally printed in The Courier Friday, October 1, 2021.