McComb Region Heart & Soul Granted $20,000

The McComb Region began the Heart & Soul community engagement process two and a half year ago. The results of the process have been inspiring to many, including the Ohio Chapter of the AARP.

"Heart & Soul establishes a lifelong opportunity to engage residents in what matters most. The grant they received and future grants are a direct result of that process. They are a way to turn the community's values into action," Kathy Kreuchauf - The Community Foundation President.

On September 14, Ken Davis and Michelle Shirer of AARP Ohio visited McComb to award a $20,000 Community Challenge Grant to the Heart & Soul team. The grant will pay for drinking fountains, benches and equipment for individuals with special needs in the parks.

"Through the Heart & Soul process, our community identified the parks as one of its eight core values because they provide a place for families, events, recreation and more. Beautifying and bettering the parks naturally became an important part of the long-term Heart & Soul plan. And we are excited to partner with AARP to make that a reality," Carol Cary - Heart & Soul Stewardship Committee Chair.

The Community Foundation partnered with the Orton Family Foundation in 2015 to start the Heart & Soul process. Read more about its history here.

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