John Koehler, J.D., Of Counsel, Eastman & Smith Ltd.

John Koehler

Of Counsel, Eastman & Smith Ltd.

Each quarter the Foundation will feature one local professional advisor who has demonstrated a commitment to improving the quality of life in Hancock County.

  • How did you first become familiar with TCF?
    I was familiar with TCF from its very inception. Prior to the formal creation of TCF, the community fund was known as The Dorney Fund, which was housed at the Cleveland Foundation. Barb Deerhake and I often talked about the benefits of having a community foundation for Findlay and Hancock County and what it would do for individuals and the community itself.
  • How long have you been working with TCF to fulfill your clients' needs?
    I have worked with TCF since 1992. From the very beginning, I was aware of the benefit of this organization to my individual clients and to the community.  I try, though not always successfully, to provide an avenue through TCF for the giving and generosity of my clients.
  • What is it about TCF that makes it a place you like to bring your charitably inclined clients?
    TCF is a class outfit. It provides a cheery atmosphere for all individuals who come to their office. The ladies and gentlemen that work there are pleasant, helpful and willing to do whatever they can for every individual who comes through their door. In addition, TCF has been blessed to have the community and its residents wrap their arms around this wonderful organization with their financial support, time and talents.
  • What do you find most fulfilling about your work?
    It is the people with whom I work on finding a cause or passion they want to support that brings me the most fulfillment. Recently, I was talking to a client about how the distribution of her assets would occur following her death. She was stymied. After much discussion, we identified several causes she cares for deeply and we were able to provide for future support of organizations whose missions support those causes. One of the alternatives is TCF. When she left my office that day, she was relieved and felt good about the manner in which some of her estate assets would be distributed. That is what makes my work enjoyable.
  • What is your favorite thing about the Findlay community?
    I love Findlay! I am a native of Findlay although I was away from it for a short period of time. Community members care about their community and making it a good place to live. This is evident in their support for those charitable organizations that make this community one-of-a-kind and in the giving of their time and talent to make it better. Everyone here cares.

John is a member of the Foundation board, finance & investment committee, gift acceptance policy revision committee, chairman of the audit committee, a referring professional advisor, and an inaugural CAP study group participant.