John "Doc" Holladay

John "Doc" Holladay was born and raised in McComb, Ohio. After graduation, he went into the service where he was in the Airforce from 1959-1963 and the Navy from 1966-1968. Doc attended Henry For College in Detroit and started his own business in Alabama. Upon retirement, Doc moved back to McComb. With no children, Doc was looking for a way to give back to the community. 

In his early years, Doc had fond memories of cooking in the kitchen with his mom and carried that passion for culinary arts with him throughout his life. While he never made a career of that passion, Doc established the John Holladay Culinary Arts Scholarship to support Millstream Career Center students pursuing a degree in culinary arts.

To show their appreciation, Millstream hosted a special luncheon for Doc where he was recognized with a photo, plaque and a special pie for his gift to the students.

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