Gratitude for a Special Group

Brian Treece photo
Brian Treece - President & CEO of The Community Foundation

It's a season of giving and gratitude. I want to thank those who do so much in our community with so little recognition – the leaders of nonprofit organizations. While I do my best to thank them regularly, it's worth recognizing this year after the last few have been so trying.

It takes many people to operate a nonprofit, including board members, volunteers, paid staff, donors, clients, etc. I want to focus on one specific group: the leaders of nonprofit agencies. While titles may differ (director, executive director, president, CEO), their work to improve lives at their organizations and in our community is the same. This group gets little attention because they focus their spotlights on others involved in running their agencies. They often share client success stories, acknowledge donors who make the work happen and recognize the staff and volunteers who work tirelessly.

As President & CEO of The Findlay-Hancock County Community Foundation, I'm lucky to work with these leaders daily. From conversations about funding to upcoming projects, the community's needs and more, it's a pleasure to work alongside them and have their trust. During the early months of the pandemic, I had conversations with this group about how to keep their doors open (either figuratively or in unique virtual ways). In this time of uncertainty, they focused on ensuring their clients could still receive services and they took care of their staff members. In call after call, I heard how focused these individuals were, and continue to be, on ensuring the most vulnerable in Hancock County had their needs met.

As we navigated the pandemic, these talented directors pivoted and adapted as needed. Through it all, nonprofit leaders, much like the organizations themselves, did not stop. They worked tirelessly with whatever cards they were dealt. They supported their staff, clients and community as they constantly adapted how they operated their organizations and persevered.

Their work hasn't stopped and neither should our support. Local nonprofit organizations will continue to support our community no matter what the future holds. We have the chance to help these agencies in the critical work they do. The need is greater than The Community Foundation, the nonprofit sector, and the private sector. We must come together year-round to support our friends, family and neighbors during what continues to be a challenging season.

As a community, we should be proud of the nonprofit agencies and those who lead them. My sincerest thanks to all those who work at and lead nonprofit organizations. Hancock County is better because of each of you. I invite you to visit our website at to read about our work with nonprofits, donors who funded that work, and the impact it's had. If you'd like to talk about ways to make an endowed gift to a local nonprofit, let us know. Together, we can support the work of nonprofit agencies now and forever.

This editorial was originally printed in The Courier Saturday, December 31, 2022.