Gregory James Shrader Memorial Fund

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Gregory James Shrader Memorial Fund

This scholarship and donor-advised fund were established by Greg Shrader’s family in 2011 to celebrate the memory of their son and brother. The scholarship was established as a seed fund that will provide annual scholarships to deserving senior members of the Findlay High School swim team. The donor-advised fund was established in 2011 to benefit and support high school swimming, as well as youth programming in Hancock County, with priority given to organizations espousing Christian ideals.

A lifelong Findlay resident, Greg attended Findlay City Schools and graduated from Findlay High School in 2009. While in high school, Greg swam four years and learned the value of hard work and discipline, developing from a novice into an accomplished competitive swimmer. During his senior year, Greg served as Captain of the Findlay High School Boys Swim Team, where he led the team with kind encouragement, respect and good humor. Greg also participated in student council; was a youth member at Gateway Church; and participated in small group ministry through Youth for Christ. Following high school, Greg attended Miami University.

Greg’s family established these funds to honor and remember Greg. Through them, the Shrader family hopes to encourage other young men and women in the pursuit of their educational goals and their personal growth.