Community Housing Fund

Type: Field of Interest

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In 2017, The Community Foundation partnered with United Way of Hancock County to host dozens of Community Conversations to discover what mattered most to our community and what we could do to improve these areas. Through those conversations, four focus areas rose to the top: housing, mental health/substance use, transportation and workforce.

One of the ways the Foundation has responded is through the creation of three new field of interest funds. Field of interest funds allow the Foundation board flexibility to determine what programs or projects will be funded within the parameters of a certain field. Seed money of $10,000 was added to each of the funds below:

  • Community Housing Fund
  • Community Transportation Fund
  • Community Workforce Development Fund

The Community Mental Health Fund was created in 2013 by an individual donor. The Foundation board contributed an additional $10,000 to this fund to ensure it will be able to support important work in this area of community priority.

This fund was established to support the local housing coalition and/or group of housing stakeholders to co-create system level strategies and implementation for local housing, specifically safe and affordable housing for all Hancock County residents.