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Social Media Workshop with Genna Freed

4 Genna Freed

This unique workshop is offered on an as-needed basis for organizations new to social media storytelling only.

Agencies will be accepted and scheduled at the presenter's discretion. 

Please RSVP below.

Workshop Details

Until recently, social media has been somewhat of an enigma for small nonprofits and fundraisers, but it is an essential part of a strong communications plan. With a defined strategy, clear goals and realistic evaluation methods, it can become an affordable, effective tool for every organization. 

Agencies who attend this one-on-one session will walk away with the knowledge, organizational tools and story ideas to create an effective, inclusive social media strategy for their organization.

This session will be presented by Genna Freed, Communications Officer at The Community Foundation. Genna spent the early years of her career enhancing her journalism skills in both print and radio. She joined the Foundation in 2015 with expertise in a variety of communication mediums.

She is currently working toward a masters degree in journalism and mass communication with a concentration on public relations.

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