Application Types

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Common Application

The majority of Community Foundation scholarships are submitted online via our common application.

Through the common application students will be automatically matched to scholarships they are eligible for based on their application responses. The common application will open on December 2, 2020 at 12 p.m. EST. Prior to starting your application, please download the Information Needed to Apply.

Renewal Application

The renewal application is for previous Community Foundation scholarship recipients that received a renewable scholarship. If you are not sure if the scholarship you received is renewable please view the list of renewable scholarships. The application opens each year in May and closes in Mid-June.

List of Renewable Scholarships (*indicates # of years it is renewable for):

  • Arlington School Foundation- Dally Family Scholarship ***
  • Arlington School Foundation- W.S. (Sherman) and Wanda Alge Family Scholarship ***
  • Christopher Jon Younger Scholarship ***
  • Dr. Marion V. Arbogast Scholarship ***
  • Findlay High School Class of 1956 Scholarship ***
  • Findlay Rotary Club Scholarship *
  • Floyd J. and Alice K. Curran Scholarship **
  • George Randolph and Harriet Jacobs Younger Scholarship ***
  • Irma Maxheimer Dana Scholarship ***
  • Jean C. Graham Women's Scholarship ***
  • John Noble Hockey Scholarship ***
  • Lester L. Werntz Scholarship ***
  • Mariann Dana and Charles Jacob Younger Scholarship ***
  • Mike and Pat Oxley Scholarship ***
  • Norbert F. Meyer Scholarship ***
  • Paul Randolph Younger Scholarship ***
  • Randy Baker Girls Basketball Scholarship ***
  • Richard Fisher Athletic Scholarship ***
  • Roy V. Armes Scholarship ***
  • Scott Charles Younger Scholarship ***
  • Shirley Battles Stirling Scholarship **
  • Stephen Dana Younger Scholarship ***
  • Thomas E. and Patricia (Conway) Moore Perpetual College Award ***
  • Warren "Bullet" and Peg Kirk Bell Scholarship ***
  • W.S. (Sherman) & Wanda Alge Family Scholarship for Ohio Northern University Pettit College of Law **
  • Zach Morgan Memorial Scholarship ***

Paper Application

A small number of Community Foundation scholarships are still done via paper application. These scholarships either run on a different time frame or are available to students from outside of Hancock County. To apply, please select the scholarship based on the eligibility requirements you meet and download the application. Be sure to read the instructions within that application form for application deadlines and requirements specific to that scholarship.

For questions regarding any of the applications please contact