QuickBooks Workshop

Friday, Nov. 8 • 9:00 am to 12:00 pm

at The Family Center

Due to popular demand, The Community Foundation is excited to add one final training to our 2019 curriculum. This is a three-hour workshop for QuickBooks users designed to provide an overview of how to maximize the use of QuickBooks for nonprofit organizations.

QuickBooks is often the best choice for small organizations with limited resources to invest in accounting software. However, QuickBooks has limitations when it comes to tracking and reporting on restricted donations and grants. Fiscal Management Associates has refined some key QuickBooks customizations and workarounds to make your accounting easier. In this training, FMA will provide an overview of how to structure the system, as well as examples of how to execute key transactions regarding restricted revenue. Specific topics will include:

  • Structuring the Chart of Accounts
  • Configuring the Class and Customer functions to track programs and funders
  • Tracking temporarily restricted revenue, including how to process releases from restriction
  • Tips to maximize system use

Participants will walk away with practical next steps in configuring QuickBooks to support a range of financial management best practices for their organization.

A select number of participants will also be invited to participate in virtual coaching with FMA.